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SIRO face fittings

Often there are either very beautiful or well-made things in the interior or furniture design; but the combination of both these features you can find rarely. SIRO company has sent a challenge to this misfortune. While fittings manufacturing, the brand designers combine refined European taste with good quality of practical American design. These two features help to reach the effect which is almost impossible to reach in everyday life: harmony of fashion and utility, duet of beauty and comfort in use.

Secret of SIRO success

SIRO collections satisfy even the most exacting taste — the door knobs and pulls simply amaze with their unusual forms. But the scrupulous care about the handles appearance is not a single reason of the hardware of SIRO brand success; irreproachable quality of the products is another one. Even little details of the figured fittings don’t break off, a relief of the tracery don’t become obliterated by age; if a model is adorned with a stone, it won’t fall out in several years. Using technology of manufacturing, applied alloys which are hi-tech lighter and more durable according to the aesthetics and the mechanical features of the surface are the reasons of this reliability.

SIRO collections

The decorative furniture accessories of SIRO brand numbers the hundreds of handles, which are made in the different styles and even "time trends". The handles which are manufactured from a wide range of different materials (plastics, brass, steel, zinc alloy and even rubber) are united in the following series:

Impala series
creates the illusion of an ancient civilization presence in the room’s decoration.

Wild Animals handles
are made in the form of animal heads and look like the little statuettes. You will hardly distinguish the tusk and bone-like fittings from real ivory.

Magic Stone series
is created in the hi-tech style. Streamline forms and the combination of the semitransparent material, which imitates a stone, with the metallized plastics are the features of it.

Art Decor handles
are made in the ethnic or folk style. Their naturalism and warm colours win the sympathy over.

Kids Gummi series
is created for nursery rooms and consists of soft and bright knobs.

Herkules handles
compare favorably with refinement and elegance ancient Grease was famous for.