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Furniture fronts

A front is a part of furniture that forms its decorative appearance, in other words, all things that are at the furniture face, for example, the swing, drop, sliding doors or the foreparts of drawers.

Application of the fronts

Furniture fronts are widely used — as kitchen cabinet and cupboards doors, tabletops, office furniture doors, face parts of sliding-door wardrobes and also for nursery rooms furniture manufacturing.

The fronts types

There are several types of furniture fronts.

The frame fronts

The first type is the frame fronts. They have two main components — MDF or aluminum frame and a panel that is filled with the decorative materials. Such fronts is traditionally used in furniture manufacturing, but this tradition have been turned into the stylish and fashionable trend by Creamondi due to the using of such modern materials as rattan, bamboo, modern lacomat, lacobel glass, plastic, and leather panels instead of ordinary and trite decorative elements for MDF or aluminum frames filling.

The solid fronts

However a frame is not an obligatory front part. A front can be built by an independent panel manufactured from a single material, for example, HPL Formicа laminate. The decorative elements of this brand can be shining and glossy as well as wood-alike ones. Such a solidness of a front design helps to emphasize the texture of its surface.

Every type described above has its own advantages, but all they form a style of whole furniture composition:

MDF-frame fronts
suit the kitchens in the classical style.

Aluminum-frame fronts
create the hi-tech style of furniture.

Fronts manufactured from Formicа laminate
are so various that become the design base for the astonishing colour and texture combinations.