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Art Decor series

When SIRO company created the series of Art Decor handles, it proved the fact that face fittings can emphasize the individual advantages of furniture as well as create absolutely new and unique image for it.

Colour and style

This is one of the brightest collections of the brand. Art Decor Navaho blue and orange fittings have fanciful design that is formed by rich paints. They seems to be painted by the Indians from the Navaho tribe. Mixed beige, brown and black colours on the surface of Goldachat handles help to imitate a dark marble. Аquatic khaki handles look like the lacquered figurines in which the petals of exotic flowers are frozen.

Peculiar forms

The colours of these handles have influenced on the perception of their forms. Art Decor knobs look like the bright balls that are made from the glass or stone. The pulls resemble a rainbow. The colouring of the heads of the handles in the form of hemispheres, which are set at the metallic legs, is so attractive that wouldn't remain unnoticeable despite of the fittings small dimensions.