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Creamondi's quality philosophy

Choosing the furniture for home and office people often pay their attention to its design, sometimes to the materials, but almost never give an eye to the trifles. It is sad, because these trifles “make” the true quality of a thing.

Creamondi uses only time-tested furniture fittings and fastening technologies in furniture production because takes care of ergonomics: makes the wardrobe doors not to squeak, drawers not to get stuck, sharp table corners not to leave bruises on skin. Creamondi sliding door wardrobes and kitchen suites are not only beautiful but functional and comfortable in usage because the company specialists keep all the details in eye.

Creamondi furniture manufacturing is a job that requires painstaking work and has five main stages: cutting, edge bands glueing, hole drilling, assembly, and final adjustments.



Firstly furniture boards come on the panel saw. Necessary details are cut out from the boards. Size, shape, texture of the material and other parameters is taken into account.


Edge bands glueing

After the furniture boards have got the necessary shape, Creamondi specialists begin the next stage — PVC edge bands glueing. Its thickness on the inside surfaces of goods is 0.6 mm, on face surfaces — 2 mm, but at the wardrobe panels reaches 1 mm.


An edge banding machine is used for this work. It provides the full part processing cycle during the glueing. A unit of tentative jointing which smoothes the surface is used for splitting removing. Further the machine glues the facing band to the board and gives to it the round shape. A scraping unit removes glue rests; a polishing unit makes the surface shine.

A milling machine is used for furniture fonts processing; it makes the edge banding round from all four sides of a part.


These trifles seems to be insignificant but they are a furniture quality factors, because these are well-glued and rounded edge bands that make any king of furniture ergonomic and safe. A hit against a corner of such a drawer won’t bring bruise; time passed at such a table won’t remind you of oneself by depressed marks on skin.

It is interesting that Creamondi has three edge banding machines for the boards of different shapes — simple rectangular and unusual curved.


Hole drilling

The next stage of furniture production is hole drilling for furniture fittings fastening, parts joining, etc.

In order to make furniture shelves and roof fastening solid and neat, to hide tie bolts on the wardrobe body surface, Creamondi uses secret devices instead of the traditional nails and screws. The most important devices are blind shelves-holders and eccentric coupling.


Blind shelves-holder

Due to the usage of a blind shelves-holder, hardness of a shelf’s abutment is provided. This in turn gives the tightening effect to the item’s body. As a result the side-panels don’t pull off because of the load of the clothes or other items in the wardrobe.


Eccentric coupling

Eccentric coupling is a type of fastening fitting that is invisible to the eyes but makes the joining very durable and gives the possibility to assemble and disassemble a wardrobe many times without any harm. So, this coupling doesn’t leave reach-through holes on the outside surfaces of the body and looks well inside the wardrobe.

So, these devices play fastening “role” as well as aesthetic — their color can be chosen to match the wardrobe panels and generally they have very modern design.


Boards have been cut, edge bands have been glued, and holes have been drilled. So, we begin furniture assembly. At this stage all parts (roof, floor, body, back panel etc.) are combined in one construction.


Monolith construction

Creamondi wardrobe back panels are not nailed to the body as it is always done in the majority of furniture companies; they are put into the slots which are specially turned in the body, the floor, and the roof of a wardrobe and fastened with the secret angles. Such a fastening method turns a wardrobe into the “monolith”. Due to this fact we can move a wardrobe from one place to another and not to be afraid of such misfortunes as coming off nails, falling out or wrapping panels. This happens because the back panel becomes the bearing for the whole wardrobe; it fastens the wardrobe units together and makes the construction durable and steady.


It is very important that Creamondi doesn’t forget to finish back parts of wardrobes with edge bands in order to prevent health detrimental pitch emission from chipboard (it is the most often used material for wardrobes’ produce).

Also at this stage the doors are fastened to the wardrobe, the drawers and shelves are put in. Though at this point Creamondi shows the high class of the because uses such devices as door hinge checks and noiseless ball slideways. They make the product very comfortable to the customers.


Door check

“Don’t slam the door”. People that often use fixed route taxi know this slogan. Indeed, closing door noise often becomes the reason of already stressed people irritation. In order to get rid its customers from this misfortune, Creamondi uses door checks; undoubtedly it is a necessary technological novelty. Due to this device wardrobe door will be stopped and closed in the right moment despite of the applied slap force.


Ball slideways

Creamondi uses ball slideways as drawers’ equipment. They belong to the class of full moving-out devices; that is why during the opening a drawer moves out for whole its length. This makes free access to its contents easier. In addition the slideways have the range of other advantages:

  • noiseless work,
  • nonseparable joining with drawer’s body,
  • long operating life,
  • ability to withstand a 45-kilo load. It is much greater than ability of often used rolling element guideways.

Thus all these not big but very significant details help to protect nerves, ears of the Cremondi clients as well as their furniture and its contents. These devices enter  in the standard furniture equipment; additional payment is unnecessary.

Final adjustments

The final stage of furniture manufacturing is adjustments making. The unit that has already been assembled comes to the test bench. Here Creamondi specialists check and test all the parts and fitting fasteners, repair the defects (if there are some), etc.

Now the wardrobe is ready and can go to its owner that for sure will take a delight in its using due to the safety and durability of applied materials, technology of fastening and as a result of high quality of the Creamondi furniture.

If you want to order furniture of such a kind, visit “Ordering information” page and we will make it for you.