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Impala series

Impala collection of SIRO brand represents aristocratic forms and classical silver and gold surfaces.


Style and form

These door handlers, which are made in the form of African totems, Buddha, sphinx images, amaze by fancifulness. The mysterious hieroglyphs, which decorate the fittings surface, move in the epoch of pharaohs and rajahs, call up the thoughts about tancient Egypt, African tribes and their magic rites.



Two materials were used for this series making. The first one is the firm but light plastic, the second is the zinc casting, which allows to forge any handle form you wish and to emphasize all needed details. It may be a tender face of Nefertiti or enigmatic signs on the handle-seals.

Range of colours

Such tones as antic bronze and silver make up the range of colours of Impala collection. They emphasize the atmosphere of exotics in the interior and add to the furniture spicy East colouring.