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Kids Gummi series

The aims of furniture face fittings are the following ones — to unite the furniture with the interior outfit, to be ergonomical and convenient. The last aim is especially important for the nursery rooms, because safety comes first here. Just because of this fact the collection of nursery room handles occupies the special place in the range of SIRO knobs and pulls.

Safety for the nursery rooms

The handles in Kids Gummi series are lovely, bright and funny. In addition they are...soft, because they are made from the rubber. Ergonomics of the handles is achieved due to the such features of this material as flexibility, suppleness and durability. That is why even the most playful child won't strike against them and won't cut himself.

A handle as a toy

In addition, Kids Gummi handles of SIRO brand look very funny, because they are made in the form of cartoon animals, flowers and bright geometrical forms — stars, footballs, spirals and mosaics.

A wardrobe or a chest of drawers, decorated with amusing Kids Gummi handles, for sure will be the favourite furniture piece in a baby's room.