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Herkules series

Militarized elegance

Of late years designers have been looking the inspiration in the past. Due to this fact the handles imitating antic bronze, gold and silver, having the glittering stone inserts can be found on the furniture doors (even they are not designed in the classical style). SIRO Herkules collection is, probably, the best face fittings for this stylistic technique.

Inspirited by the deeds of Hercules, the myths hero, brand designers created the series of handles, the forms of which repeat the shapes of shields, the design of armour, and the structure of chain mail. But the military forms don't make the handles rough — they externalize elegance and refinement ancient Grease was famous for.

The composition of metal and precious stones

These elegant handles are made from the tensile zinc alloy, which exists in a wide range of such amazing colours as bright chrome, tin, antic bronze, silver, antic 24-carat gold. The precious stones appear in the design of the series. The dimmed stones glittering emphasize the metal gloss of the alloy. Together they make an offbeat duet.

Aluminum for
hi-tech style