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Sliding door wardrobes: harmony of beauty, comfort, and order

The sliding door wardrobes take one of the most important places in modern apartments. Namely thanks to them it was possible to solve the problem of ultimate functionality in rather limited space. Due to sliding doors of wardrobes of such a kind they do not demand additional space for opening. And as such wardrobes are made and designed individually, one can place a wardrobe where he wishes: in the hall, in a stuffy study or in a recess. There are also sliding door wardrobes for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, libraries and nurseries.


Structure of sliding door wardrobe

The structure of a sliding door wardrobe is rather simple. It consists of a back panel, a bottom and a framework, which panel movable doors slide swiftly on. However it is simple only theoretically. Actually there a lot of kinds of sliding door wardrobes. They may differ by types of movable doors, fronts, frameworks, etc. There are plenty of them so one may got lost in such a variety. In general all the wardrobes may be divided in two types, which are full-sized models and built-in wardrobes.


Full-sized wardrobes

Full-sized wardrobes represent a completely ready-made object that can be moved in space when necessary. It comprises all elements of the framework: a cover, sides, a bottom. Full-sized sliding door wardrobes are somewhat more expensive than the built-in ones, because the framework consists of all the elements. As there is a back panel in the sliding door wardrobes they may be not fixed right to the wall and that is a great advantage of theirs. The back wall prevents the framework of bending.


Built-in models of sliding door wardrobes

The main difference of the built-in wardrobes from the full-sized ones is that the may not be moved in space as they are designed to fit the interior and if moved may “lose” their components. For instance you may use walls, floor and ceiling of a room to complete the back panel, the sides, the bottom, and the cover of the sliding door wardrobe. The wardrobes are often built in recesses and fixed to the wall.

We should draw your attention to the fact that the sliding door wardrobes without bottom are rather popular and are used if the construction is supposed to be on the floor covered with tiles, laminated flooring board, parquet or special covering. In such a case due to lengthening of the doors of the wardrobe you may both get an attractive construction and save money.


Wardrobe slide-doors construction

The most important and catching detail in the wardrobe is the sliding doors. Each door consists of a frame that fixes the canvas. Due to frame the canvas also slides on the rail runners. In most cases frame and rail runners both are made of a steel or a aluminum shape. A sliding device is attached to each door. The wheels of the device roll on the rail runners. There are a lower (bearing) and the upper (up-and-over) sliding systems. In the lower sliding system the lower wheels sliding along the slots get the main load. The up-and-over systems are joined to the upper part of the door correspondingly.


Front design of wardrobe doors

The wardrobe will fit in any interior raging from classics to modern if the materials of the sliding doors panels are compatible. Meanwhile the variety of the decorating materials representing both rattan, bamboo and leather along with mirrors will make the wardrobe unique.

Sliding door wardrobe accessories

The main function of the sliding door wardrobe is to store things not only to be a decoration or a stylish object of the interior. The wardrobe may be stuffed with such accessories as shelves, baskets, containers, boxes, trousers hangers, beams and so on. A pantograph (a device that gets clothes down) is often used to deal with the space in the most effective way. Pantographs are very useful in high wardrobes.


Creamondi sliding door wardrobes

The custom furniture manufacturing has been always been in great demand. Since the sliding door wardrobes appeared the boom of joinery has begun. Sliding door wardrobes of high quality have been recently the main course of manufacturing for Creamondi company.

To make the wardrobes more efficient and modern Creamondi uses only technically perfect sliding door systems and dainty materials for their decoration, durable frameworks, and efficient accessories as well.

A longtime individually designed sliding door wardrobe on the customer’s own like is guaranteed by Creamondi company. To choose the most appropriate for the interior wardrobe a virtual sliding door constructor will help.The tool will help you in choosing the sizes of the wardrobe corresponding to your apartment planning. It will also give you a possibility both to select colours and textures and estimate an approximate cost of your sliding door wardrobe. Once you are ready with the design of your wardrobe, don’t hesitate sending the sample to us for we to make your idea come true.

In order to find out the details about the Creamondi furniture contract conclusion, design, delivery, assembly and warranty, visit the “Ordering information” page.