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Фотогалерея Material — Tabu Spa

Tabu Spa® — Italian manufacturer of natural veneer dates back to 1927. Namely here an innovative method, for that time, was invented, the process of veneer dyeing, that allowed to vary the color palette of the veneered furniture.

Currently Tabu Spa products are exported to more than 60 countries. The total area of offices, shops and warehouses of the company is 70 000 sq.m.

Tabu company's product range includes natural veneer of all types of wood, natural dyed veneer, multi-layer timber of sliced veneer, wall panels, floorboards of wide range of colors and textures. Evenness of color and selection of the structure of fibers, resistance to mechanical damage, aesthetics of natural wood and easiness to use - all this makes the Tabu production demanded on today's furniture market. The wide choice of colors gives designers and furniture manufacturer’s opportunity to achieve harmony of form, color and space.

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