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Фотогалерея Accessories — Bosetti Marella

Italian company Bosetti Marella founded in 1989 embodies the history of design furniture accessories and decor of the last 20 years. Roberto Marella the main "hero" of this story, the founder believes that the key to success of the brand is its constant development, innate predisposition to research and innovation, close attention to quality and vast experience working with clients. His principles, Roberto, managed to convey to his children, Daniel and Sergio, which, together with his father, are engaged in the management of the group of companies Bosetti Marella, which in addition to the head office in Roccafranca includes five subsidiaries in Italy, France, USA, Poland and Argentina. Currently the company's products (over 6,000 titles) are exported to 90 countries. The popularity of the brand can be explained by its distinct approaches to design, constant quality control and the desire to meet the increasing needs of customers in the aesthetics of furniture accessories.

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