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Sculpted panels as the third dimension of furniture fronts

The experiments with colours have already gone out the category of the most vogue methods of interior decoration. Nowadays the final «word» rests with the texture of materials. This trend is developed by Formica company that have created HPL Sculpted laminate that have relief surfaces.

A tracery that become a texture

Formica designers while creating the Sculpted collection decided to emphasize the texture of the decoration material. They have made from the texture the third dimension of Sculpted décor which supplements other two ones (colour and tracery). Sculpted materials create their own urbanism style because of their graphics "focusing".

The texture of items from Sculpted series calls up the thoughts about relief tree rind or sea surface, in the horizontal waves of which light plays with shadow, adding to the material the effect of depth. However Sculpted panels don’t create only visuals effects. Being a pleasure to the eye, this decorative HPL laminate is very pleasant to touch. According to the words of the series creators, this is the tracery that become a texture.

The tracery is made by delicate computer-controlled carving over the surface of HPL laminate.

There is no natural colours and structures imitating wood. The collection consists of 12 variants of hues — beginning with white, black, gray and ending with rich bright colours.

The following colours belong to the Sculpted series:

Structured panels application

Due to the relief structure of HPL laminate it is used for only vertical surfaces finishing, including the fronts of kitchen cupboards, home and office furniture. Just in this case of using the material opens its creative potential. Is there something more unusual than a wardrobe or a chest of drawers the front of which has the relief surface instead of traditional smoothly decorated one? The Sculpted front attracts the attention — you want to touch it and to feel on the fingertips the movement of the waves of its texture.

Other series of HPL Formica laminate: