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Furniture for home – furniture for life

Furniture for home is very important. It is love and joy, grief, quarrels and peace. Furniture for living rooms and halls, nurseries and bedrooms, different tables and cabinets, stacks and cupboards becomes the witnesses of our lifespan...


Hall as a trademark of an apartment

Hall is the first place of an apartment that our guests see and that help them to form an opinion about us — apartment’s owners. That is why furniture for a hall should combine elegancy with usability.

Of course, choice of furniture for a hall depends on the size and shape of the room. However, generally, there are two main types of such a kind of furniture — open and close classes.

A traditional set of hall furniture belongs to the first category. Usually it has a cabinet for shoes, a padded stool, a chest of drawers, a coat rack, a shelf for hats and a mirror. All these units can be joined to a board of any shape, you can even add illumination.

In the same time, a sliding door wardrobe in the hall is a characteristic feature of the closed type of furniture arrangement. Such a wardrobe helps to solve a problem of clothes storing, because its sliding doors can hide coats, shoes, headwear and other clothes and accessories. In addition, mirror sliding door wardrobe creates the effect of mirror wall that visually enlarges a room; but doors that have rattan and leather decoration make a room refined and subtle.


Room of many “faces”

A living room, as a rule, is the most spacious room and have the most comfortable position in the apartment. It has no an owner and in the same time belongs to everybody. All family members get here together in order to rest and watch TV; this is the place for celebrations and friends meeting. It plays a role of a dining room and a bedroom sometimes. Due to this “multitasking functionality” a range of furniture for living room is extremely various. Sliding door wardrobes, suites of soft furniture, coffee tables, cabinets and audio, video, TV shelves belong to this category.


Territory of childhood

A nursery room carries out many tasks. It is a playing room, a bedroom, a study... All its functions is difficult to enumerate, that is why there is no an unimportant thing in furniture choosing for this room. Often parents fill the rooms of their children with wall units, beds, shelves, tables, and chairs as well as sliding door wardrobes, which are aimed to store clothes, toys and other things. It shouldn’t be forgotten that furniture for this room ought to be not only stylish and functional but safe and ecology clean.


Bedroom. Chamber of dreams and secrets

A bedroom is the place where a third part of a man’s life goes; that is why furniture for this room should be chosen very carefully — bedroom’s owner rest, health, and work efficiency depend on its comfort.

Although bedroom interiors can be very different and every room has its own “character”, there are 5—6 units that are always included in bedroom’s furniture sets. These are a bed, a clothing cabinet, a mirror, and one or several chest of drawers. However all mentioned elements are only the general units because armchairs, chairs, padded stools, and other accessories can be found in a bedroom. Often bedrooms are combined with wardrobe rooms or sliding door wardrobes are placed there.

Perhaps, all types of home furniture were described. Creamondi company designs and produces them.


Creamondi home furniture

In order to solve the problem of home furnishing Creamondi offers to place sliding door wardrobes and create wardrobe rooms, because these constructions always fit into an interior and combine practicality with elegancy.

So, a custom developed sliding door wardrobe is the interior object that satisfies the main home furniture requirement — to be beautiful and comfortable. Furthermore Creamondi can manufacture not only a sliding door wardrobe but a whole furniture set, containing chests of drawers or tables that match the wardrobe’s color and texture.

In the same time wardrobe systems also can be placed in a bedroom, a nursery and a living room. They contain metal ways and storage units (shelves, baskets, drawers, etc.) that are put on the ways. These constructions make the access to the clothes easier as well as the interior more ordered and peaceful.

In order to find out that sliding door wardrobe is the best for your interior use the virtual constructor. It gives the possibility to create easily the project of a sliding door wardrobe — to chose the materials, the size, and the accessories. Also you can contact us directly and we will help you to select the color, the design, and the construction of furniture.