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Wardrobe — fundamentally new way
of clothes storing

Wardrobe systems appeared in our houses and apartments not long time ago, but many people have already understood that storing clothes in a room specially equipped for this aim is useful and utilitarian. There is no a closet even the most spacious one that can be compared with modern furniture equipped wardrobe room in capacity.


Advantages of wardrobe systems

The main advantage of wardrobes is the fact that they consist of great number of different details — lockers, shelves, racks, little chests of drawers. These units can be arranged even in awkward corners and recesses; they help to use room’s space functionally.

Organization of wardrobe systems

The metal ways are fastened to the walls; all necessary units (shelves, baskets, pants-holders, etc.) are hung up on the ways. In addition, color gamma and decoration materials variety as well as well-organized illumination give to the wardrobe a possibility to become a part of the entire interior style.


VENTURA concept® wardrobe systems

If you plan to create a wardrobe, you should pay the attention not only to the design of the future construction, but to the quality of the materials from which it will be made.

VENTURA concept® systems

For wardrobe rooms decoration Creamondi offers VENTURA concept® products — new generation aluminum systems. It is aluminum that is used for this trade mark systems development, because this material have a range of advantages over the alternative material — steel. Heightened hardness of the construction, smooth noiseless sliding, modern design of elements are their advantages.

VENTURA concept® systems are built from the units which are developed for the most widespread needs. They can be easily fitted in a little utility room or recess, can be used for audio-video shelves decoration, storage of clothes in the bedroom or hall as well as the library and office bookstands or boutique showcases creation.


VENTURA concept®: unlimited possibilities of creative work

Mobility of VENTURA concept® systems should be obligatory noted. The wardrobe created by the company a little bit reminds a children constructor set. This is a dynamical set; it can be changed, tuned and rebuilt desirably. The customer can move or take the shelves off, change the configuration of drawers and panels by himself. Furthermore everybody can do this work because all the configuration changes don’t demand special skills. Thus VENTURA concept® storage system give unlimited possibilities of creative work.

If you visit “Photogallery” page, you will see already created projects of wardrobe rooms decoration, but on the page “Ordering information” you can find out the details about our services and work conditions.