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Corporate Partners

The reliable partner relationships are the Creamondi’s keystone in business, because we see our partners as companies and people that holds the same views as we do. These are not simple suppliers and patrons; these are enterprises which create original products for the successful and single-minded people as we create. These are organizations that offer exclusive goods and services which give to the people harmony, prosperity, beauty, and comfort as our furniture gives.

Let us to introduce these companies:


Fauri Ltd.



Fauri Ltd. is a building company that has made many different projects in Moldovan cities and towns. The pride of this company is DeLuxe, a unique fashionable residential complex that is situated in the center of the capital. Everything in this project — the floors for offices, underground parking, and unique penthouses which have open terraces — is evidence of elite lifestyle of future apartments’ owners.

DeLuxe can be described with three words — prestigious, reliable, and convenient. It is three principles that make residential complex DeLuxe and furniture Creamondi similar.