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Stylish furniture for stylish kitchen

Kitchen plays a very important role in lives of many people. The entire family gets here together at least once a day; often the guests are invited here; the kitchen becomes a boudoir or a private room for the majority of housewives. If the living room is the heart of a house, than the kitchen is its soul. That is why it is so important to create in the kitchen the atmosphere of comfort and warmth.


Scientists have found that an average working woman spends in the kitchen for about an hour every day, but generally, the overall percentage of days spent by her in the kitchen exceeds the period of three years of total life expectancy. In order not to make these years similar to the prison sentence it is necessary to create the conditions for pleasant pastime, i. e. to select and place in the kitchen the furniture of high quality.

Kitchen planning

So, modern kitchens can be relatively divided into six general types according to the configuration.


Ineradicable traditions

The first type of planning is one-row (strait) kitchen that was very popular some time ago. Kitchen furniture is placed in such a way because of two reasons; firstly, because of small dimensions of the room, secondly, because of its spaciousness and the possibility of room’s zoning. Notably in this case the furniture is put in one part of the room, but other part becomes the place of cooking and eating.

Dual planning

Two-row kitchen furniture arrangement is used when the room is big but gives access into another. In this case the furniture is lined up in two rows along the opposite walls.


Knight’s move

L-shaped arrangement is good for the small square rooms. Generally, today this is the most popular planning, because it has a lot of advantages. On the one hand it has the working triangle that includes a cooker, a sink and a fridge, on the other there is a lot of place for the dining area.

Furniture with a capital U

If a kitchen uses U-shaped planning, the furniture is arranged along three walls. It is believed that such a planning is the most efficient and convenient for the housekeepers, because it helps to organize the working area in the best way.


Another planning category is a peninsula-shaped kitchen. You use this furniture arrangement if the working surface or cupboard, or sink, or cooker is stuck out. As a rule such a “peninsular” separates the kitchen from the dining area or can be used as a breakfast counter or a serving table.


Kitchens and creative scope

Finally, people who boast with big kitchens can use island-shaped planning with center adding. Traditionally, a table, a sink and a cooker are placed at the center of the kitchen. However a dining table or a serving cart can play the role of an “island”. This surface can be used as a cooking place, but drawers — for the kitchen utensils storage.

After the kitchen furniture planning has been chosen we can return to the discussion of kitchen furniture proper.

Kitchen furniture variety

Typically, furniture sets for this room include working desks, wall or floor cupboards, shelves, tables and chairs. Also popular items are corner sofas and bars.

However, all these units are not simply utilitarian and faceless. Cupboards, chairs, tables, and shelves can be modern or remain classic in the kitchen. They can be made of natural or near-natural materials, and may remind brand new “Ferrari”, i. e. can be bright and spruce; your kitchen furniture even can whet appetite and brace you up.

Creamondi kitchen furniture


Creamondi produces custom-designed kitchen furniture thereby it helps to use free house space efficiently and blend the furniture with room’s interior.

The company pays special attention to the kitchen furniture fronts. Creamondi makes the frames in which the fronts are set in from MDF and aluminum shapes and fills them with different décor materials produced by respectable brands.

Kitchen fronts


It should be noted that MDF is medium density fibreboards. They are made from dry wood fibres that are bound by the synthetic substances. These boards are humidity-resistant, don’t change its form and don’t distend because of the kitchen steam. Furthermore according to its ecology properties this material is similar to the natural wood, but is more durable. MDF panels that Creamondi uses for the fronts production don’t emit noxious substances (formaldehyde and others), thus, they are harmless for people health (this fact is very important for kitchen furniture).

The second material that is used for the front frames production is aluminum; it has its own advantages. Such a frame makes the kitchen furniture modern and fresh; it is humidity-resistant and durable, has a long operating life. The fronts which have aluminum frames can adorn any kitchen due to the possibility to choose different filling for them and seek the equivalence with general interior design.


Fronts filling

Creamondi offers so many materials for the kitchen fronts filling that everybody for sure will find something interesting for him:

If you order the Creamondi kitchen furniture, you will get the opportunity to create, because custom-designed kitchen furniture production can carry out any design solution. Furthermore you can develop a kitchen interior that will meet all your needs by yourself. For this aim you should use a kitchen design constructor. Due to this tool you can create the kitchen of your dream as well as save your time, because it helps to make your order very quickly.